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The Muse Divine

Hi there! It's Cari - your universe hugging, ocean obsessed, yogi, photographer, life coach. I believe in the moon, energy, love, intuition, speaking our soul's truth, the inner divine, wishing on 11:11, and getting the most out of life. I am a Leo, goddess in training, passionate about coffee, puppies, and matcha, prefer being barefoot, and never want to stop expanding. I travel to at least three different countries a year, eat mostly vegan unless it has rainbow sprinkles, and have opened my life up to unexpected miracles and magic by pursuing a path from my heart.


I truly believe I am here on planet earth to guide people back home to themselves - to unleash the inner goddess or super hero that lives within each of us, and bring that magic out into the world. I want to live in a universe of joyful humans that trust their hearts and choose to design a meaningful life from that place. So often we look outside of ourselves for the answers, I now see that they lie within.

In getting to know myself and peeling back the layers, I have created a lifestyle that stems purely from my greatest desires and commitments. That lifestyle has turned into a career, community, source of happiness, and purpose that continues to inspire me and expand beyond my dreams.

So, what is waiting for you on the other side?

Let's muse our souls to life.

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'I am so very grateful to have come across a like-minded healer who clearly vibes off of helping others become their highest selves through coaching and connection. I continue to be inspired by her incredible work ethic, dedication to her unique craft, and ability to move others through their journey! I am most certain many many others would agree that Carianna is a bright light in our little city & I am HERE FOR IT'

- Dina


I am going to make everything around me beautiful.
That will be my life.

— Elsie De Wolfe

The Community

Saying yes to your journey means becoming a part of an amazing community of divine, powerful human beings.

thank you for being a part of the magic



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