2019 hack : shed to regenerate

let go of old stories and revive the radiance of you.

how to set yourself up for a potently powerful new year full of magic, awe-inspiring beauty, and your deepest desire kind of success. tips, rituals, and thoughts for the new year.

I love this time of year. everything sparkles, bellies are full of good food and laughter, and I find it easier to allow myself to rest with the long, dark nights. as a child, I used to wallow at the final hours of christmas day because I never wanted it to end. and as I have grown, I have noticed that a part of this fear lives on. a fear that waking up the day after christmas will not be as special - that I have somehow worn out my welcome with joy a day after maxing it out. gotta go back to being average. back to real life. an automatic habit I inflict on myself.

well, not this year. not for me.

I am transmuting this old narrative of scarcity into a powerful energy that serves me and brings me the greatest love for my own life. it is a practice that has given me access to what I consider now to be the keys to my success / the magic wand to my future / and the path to fulfillment through living in alignment with my purpose. each limitation, a crystal ball, showing me what is possible on the other side of fear.

if I choose to move past the resistance and let go.

sometimes the payoff for letting go is confronting in itself - what is at stake is a really happy and powerful person that maybe not everyone will like. but similar to a snake that sheds old skin, a unicorn that regenerates a new sparkly horn, I choose to keep looking in the mirror for areas to transform into a higher power. to refresh my wardrobe. to clear out the cobwebs. anything that is not beautiful, magnetic love must go.

why? well, because like attracts like and that is what I want for my life.

so, imagine moving beyond the things that keep you small, quiet, and unsatisfied.

what would be possible for you? imagine the power that you hold beyond your fears and muffled joy - if you were to be fully yourself.

I invite you to close your eyes and take a look. to make a difference in your life right now. to set yourself up for an even better year ahead.

imagine the perfect you - take a moment, for real, just pause.

what are you wearing? do you have a purpose? a job, career or calling? who are you surrounded by? what do you love most about you? are you in a relationship?

try and connect with what is most authentic to you - not just what looks great on someone else.

pro tip: if this is challenging for you, try a seven day social media detox to reconnect to your soul’s truth. you might fill the time with guided meditation and focus on creating a vision.

next, note and label the things/thoughts that stop you from being truly fulfilled. the blocks in the way of you living your perfect life today. list three stops.

they may be self-made stories, societal norms, money, time etc. the things that challenge or scare you most.

pro ritual tip: set aside 10+ minutes to meditate and release old narratives. start by lighting a candle and burning each of your written blocks. hold rose quartz in your non-dominant hand or over your heart as you breathe to call in healing love and forgiveness.

reflect on your year and record three lessons you are most grateful to have learned.

for me, 2018 provided the gifts of worth, abundance, and vision. they are the things I set out to create and am ready to celebrate.

pro ritual tip: create a daily gratitude practice. journal on your lessons from the year and what the next iteration of each gift looks like for you. maybe it’s starting a blog, going on x amount of dates a week, or adding more self-love into your daily life. being grateful for anything and everything is the secret life sauce.

set four goals/projects/dreams for 2019 and make them visible

you may look at career, family, self-love, travel, wellness etc.

what structures do you need to put in place to succeed?

pro ritual tip: if you have big dreams and want to add power and velocity to achieving those dreams, seek inner guidance and a life coach.

you might also create a vision board (you can sign up for my meditate x muse class at free people on 1.13 here) and meditate daily - who wants to start a new year’s meditation challenge? try at least a week here!

alas, it’s time for change. whether we are ready for 2019 or not.


it’s ok to let go.

it’s ok to want more (esp if you are grateful for all you have).

it’s ok to transform.

it’s ok to be happy.

it’s ok to love yourself.

it’s ok to receive support.

it’s ok to own your worth.

wishing you all the happiness humanly possible in the upcoming year.


we define happiness as the joy you feel moving towards your potential
— shawn achor
Carianna Hebert
selfish is the new generous ♥

truly care for yourself this holiday season,

you can’t pour (dairy free eggnog) from an empty glass

you know what I have wondered recently?

what if being selfish gets a bad rep?

I would like to go on record for saying I am not promoting being disrespectful towards others, however, what if SELFISH (adj): seeking or concentrating on one's own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others actually served us in being responsible to create the life we desire and need without getting deterred, distracted, or discouraged? I wonder if we would then be able to then give back to our families, communities, and our planet in a more evolved and empowered way.

I often have conversations about what it means to be selfish with my coaching clients and what I notice is that we all avoid the possibility of being labeled as such like … the xmas naughty list.

(more holiday humor coming, please enjoy)

I might even go so far as to say that we subconsciously overcompensate for being judged as selfish and neglect our wellbeing, needs, and dreams as a consequence. what has made us believe that it is so wrong to take loving care of ourselves and prioritize our needs? maybe there is some martyr reward society that I do not know about. I am open to that. yet I still believe that there is something out there for us better than that. and it starts and ends with us being powerful individuals.


consider that it is actually healthy to prioritize yourself as #1. to concentrate on and really seek those things that nourish your mind, body and soul. you can still love your partner, career, family, and friends as much from that place. maybe even more. and yes, especially this time of year when we might be confronted by spending even more time with others, but also every day. this is just my call to a conversation about actually setting yourself up for an abundantly jubilant and joyful holiday season, as well as launch into a new year as the real you.

the you who steps out into each day whole and complete - no matter your circumstances or what people around you are doing. you do not give your power away.

the you who values, loves and cares for yourself. physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. you are an absolute treasure, gem.

the you who is worth knowing - who is successful, motivated, self-aware, passionate and generous.

the you who expresses yourself fully, creatively, as a goddess, as a magnetic super human and attracts miraculous things.

the you who knows that you are a gift worth giving and receiving.

like honestly though, does every cell in your body resonate with your greatness?

if I were going to create an empowered definition, and I will, I would say that being selfish is deciding what you need to give yourself to succeed on your path. and then having the courage to commit to it.

ultimately, you may choose to call it something else. but life is only what we make it mean, right? my intention is to actually have you consider what you currently do to understand, honor, and express your human desires and needs. because they matter.

for me, I commit to sourcing my self generously through daily meditation, yoga, coaching, journaling, reading, travel and nature. I connect with the universe by seeking beauty and practicing gratitude every morning. I connect with others as a coach, teacher, leader, friend, teammate etc. and I adore/smother my romantic relationship - all for me. And also you. And them. But it is ultimately for me to truly live my life purpose of inspiration, love, and generosity AND have that be also in regard for others. I allow myself to receive the significance of this gift of being in total alignment and power.

so, what is the most generous gift you would give yourself this holiday season?

….look under the tree passed I do not know.

and if you are still stuck,

well, I know a pretty magical person you could talk to.

and if you do know. what’s the next step to committing to expanding your power?


Carianna HebertComment
meditate and muse (v.)

do you ever have astounding moments of complete clarity and inspiration?

moments when everything makes sense, the world is quiet : smiling back at you, and you can feel the energy inside your heart beating? I hope that you do. it is the gift that meditation can provide.

some may call them miracles.

I call them miracles.

and the best part is they are co-created by you.

what if you had access to presence, clarity, and inspiration more often?

wouldn’t your life look more like your dreams?

wouldn’t there be more than one way to get somewhere?

freedom, clarity, and inspiration are the after picture of meditate and muse, my miracle moment creation that evolved as an expression of my purpose and passion: to lead humans home to themselves (myself included).

meditate and muse is about going within to inspire every component of your life - to quite literally ‘inspirare, to breathe life into’ your days, weeks, and years on earth. it is about unleashing your soul, empowering your intuition, and celebrating your divine power. musing your authentic self to life.

it is a continuous journey. for as long as we live.

and it is a practice.

we will get distracted, tired, uncommitted, lazy, and scared. yet to keep evolving and making an impact, we must constantly re-align with our intention. we must have people who know our dreams. we must be honest with ourselves about the support we need. some may find it a daunting commitment to meditate daily. and that is ok. you can still commit. I am constantly creating new ways to make meditation more fun, accessible, and addicting so that one day you may run out of excuses not to (p.s. you can sign up for my newsletter or click around the site to meditate and muse with me both in charlotte and tulum, it will impact your life ♡).

and do not get me wrong, I am not a perfect meditator guru. I meditate daily in the morning and it has taken me many failed attempts to figure out what works for me. actually, the inspiration for the writing in this article came from noticing myself in a cycle of checking all of the apps on my phone, letting time slip by without noticing, waiting for a miracle to appear - heyo, it sure as heck is time to put the phone down and close my eyes and just be. rather than wishing for something to appear like magic in my inbox, I now choose to create my miracles by reaching from within and welcoming the magic home. these words are my heart.


Carianna Hebert
the best advice I have ever received


that simple, breathe.

and likely, right now, you did just that. or if not, let's try it again. breathe. maybe this time you are actually aware of your capacity to inhale even deeper, fuller and find peace in the release of the exhale. shoulders softer. ready to listen, lean in, and be present. imagine if you showed up like that everywhere, aware - how much power, creativity, and joy you could create. mmmhmmm.

now that you are here, hi!!! AND I want to offer you something else. something more than just the reminder for you to breathe, which while super valuable, I understand that the magnitude of this gift might not be fully available yet. how many times have you been reminded to breathe and had it not have an impact? it is something that the younger, unpracticed me did not have the time or interest to understand. yet what I see for each and every one of us is whole hearted access to who we really are in the resonance of each breath - how each moment of expansive presence, of mindfulness, of Being beyond the thoughts, can contribute to our evolution - welcoming our souls back to love, freedom, creativity, possibility, magic, inner peace, and joy.

I am aware that within each of our 23,040 breaths per day we have the ability to create a resounding affect on all aspects of our life. and within each of our 23,040 breaths per day we actually choose to not have it go that way. we continue to get stressed out, feel pressure, worry, judge ourselves and others, avoid risks, believe in our problems as facts, resign, quit, blame, attack, and hone in on what is not working. it reminds me of something that I wrote for myself recently: the mind was never meant to be a place for us to dwell, yet we continuously get lost in thought. what I notice is that no matter how self aware we claim to be, there is still a human tendency to get trapped in our thoughts; in fact some of us self-awareness junkies may actually have a harder time untangling the web and getting free. we get addicted to knowing, having it all figured out, being right, being perfect, and we end up limiting what we can actually be and do.

ironically, if we spend all of our time in our minds, we risk never knowing what it means to be fully alive.

so, however you personally define success, inner peace is your gateway. you could start tomorrow, but I would ask that you start today.

start now with a simple breath.

notice your thoughts. 

now, what is stopping you from having all of the success that you want now?

speak your thoughts out loud. write them down. unfiltered. raw.

are you negotiating with yourself? settling for good enough? stopping because of money? blaming someone or something? waiting until later? being stingy with the amount of greatness you are allowing in?

do you hear it now?

that mind....it's a wild ride. and unfortunately, it is not always present to your greatness because no offense, you give away your a power a lot. especially the power behind your intuition, dreams, desires, and passions - the things that get you self-love and success.

that is where I come in.

speak your thoughts to me, re-discover your worth.

empower your dreams.

become undeniably you and have your (vegan) cake too. 

love y'all


life coach for life




Carianna Hebert
turned off my phone for a week, discovered the peace in my own heart

it is certainly not everyday that we find ourselves capable or willing to survive without technology and our devices, yet being able to detach from their overwhelming grip is vastly becoming something that we all crave.

I am not diminishing the fact that so many of us rely on our phones for connection, business, self-expression, security, and education. I am certainly not immune to that, and find myself thankful for the gift of being able to be seen and heard with minimal effort.

however, I would also ask - when was the last time that you felt connected to yourself in such a way that there was nothing left to prove, nothing left to get, no one else to be, only pure heart-bursting happiness for all that already exists?

totally present in the moment without trying to translate that into anything else – online, in perpetuity, or to the world. maybe you remember, or maybe you cannot relate.

have you ever had the experience of being powerfully emotionally moved, feeling total clarity or bliss, lost in time, space, wonder, and awe. some might call it a spiritual, magical, or miraculous coincidence. in psychology – a peak experience, where one has become self-actualized and experiences a transformation. I found home in my heart. these experiences that are rare or fleeting become even more challenging to realize when we live for the external world – for the next, for someone else, for something to be prove. the danger in our common understand of the pursuit of happiness.




I. yes, we live in a world that makes it challenging to let go when we have to much to do. no, it is not normal to just put your phone in a drawer for a week and not expect any consequences. YET, it is possible and the mental-spiritual rewards are endless. we get a break from comparison, expectations, addictive thoughts, and needing to know. what is left after all of that is just you. and space. you choose consciously how you want to fill that space, I see gratitude and joy.

II. what if in the process of re-claiming our hearts, magical moments become a side effect of the work – would you take it on? in my journey, it has been meditation, yoga, travel and coaching that has brought me to my divine nature daily. maybe start by considering where a safe place is for you to unwind and experience connection to yourself. you might try a no technology rule for the first 30 minutes of the day and last hour before bedtime. maybe you work up to meditation, taking a week off of social media, and a phone-less vacation.

travel is truly a gift that never ceases to provide me with inspiration and perspective. what seems real - like it needs to get done or totally matters or else I fail, starts to disintegrate with distance from the automaticity of my external world. when I take on adventures, it is as if I have a new pair of eyes - my horizons get widened, I see the expansiveness of what it means to be human, and what truly matters to me. there is truth and light in what at home can seem like a black and white world. to me, there is always opportunity for transformation when we travel mindfully, noticing our interconnectedness as beings on the planet, tapping in to what sources us, and the power and peace that exist within. I hope that you get to experience one day, the peak of enoughness that you already are.

reprogram your mind, remember your worth

the mind is a powerful muscle.

it can be used to create success,

it can be used to sabotage joy,

and most of the time we are operating under it’s automated command, forgetting that we have any responsibility to choose.

that does not make us wrong, or success impossible, but there is an opportunity that we as a collective seem to be missing:

the ability to fully enjoy our lives.

we have pretty shitty beliefs.

I’d like to start by saying that we must remember that we are amazing human beings with a very old brain designed to keep us safe and allow us to survive. even though fear gets a bad reputation, it does what it can to protect our lives, and for that we can still be grateful. it is how we evolved. ironically, however, these life-preserving subconscious thoughts are actually preventing us from truly living now.

basically, since we were born, we have been downloading information and storing it in our subconscious mind. our subconscious allows us to make sense of reality without having to relearn experiences over and over. it permanently stores everything that has ever happened to you, your parents, and their parents, and their parents...a memory bank of all of our thoughts which become hardwired into our brain synapses. the thoughts then become subconscious truths, habits, a blueprint for how we respond to the world. yes, this saves us time and energy from having to think consciously every time we encounter a red light or need to blink, but what then happens to our life? we take on more, stop at the first signs of discomfort, multitask, get distracted, get stuck. we start to believe everything the mind tells us because the brain has proven that it is very smart and highly functioning even when we are not actively trying.


thoughts like ‘you are fat, ugly, a failure, worthless, bad, unhappy’ all feel like truths because the mind tell us so.

we stop believing in our worth and our purpose.

we stop intentionally designing our lives from our heart and soul (because money, because time, because risk etc.)

our brains become boss.

our thoughts need to be reprogrammed.

but why would we want to reprogram our brains if they keep us safe?

because what if safety is actually an illusion, a self-imposed trap, a limit….

what if a fulfilling life actually means making a commitment to being limitless, responsible, successful, and happy?

we can all train our brains to think, believe, and behave in ways that better serve our lives. that is a major part of what I stand for as a coach and a yoga teacher. when you have a mindset that what you are doing is going to work no matter what, you can propel yourself to accomplish anything. think of how many people value inspirational quotes - it's basically 90% of instagram. to me that is a sign that we as a collective consciousness are craving intentionality and joy, but that is only the first step: awareness.

if we are ready for a breakthrough, to release negativity and suffering, we must actually commit to disrupting these old patterns and habits which run super deep. it takes discomfort, resolve, and practice. it takes accountability, humility, and asking for support. but on the other side are new empowering beliefs that lead us to what we ultimately want. a beautiful life waiting to unfold.

Carianna Hebert