a wanderer's guide to an unconventional life

if we were all meant to walk the same path,

why would we have our own two feet?

I have this crazy idea.

what if we all got to do exactly what we loved everyday and that was enough?

what if ‘work’ was actually the source of joy and we were all compensated for our passions?

can you even imagine?

I can.

people smiling and laughing and in love. there is relaxation and ease in the way we move. dedication and discipline is sourced from the heart space. pressure is released - a bubble of stress, confusion, anger, anxiety, aloneness popped. 

I feel lighter already. It reminds me of how I want to feel.

I understand it may come across as a more of fairy tale, a romantic spin on the dark world we live in, disconnected from 'reality.' living a life off the beaten path is not for everyone and it requires a deep desire to want to feel fully alive and brimmed with joy now. it takes knowing the self, breaking free from fear, wandering into the unknown, and strength in commitment. as we get closer to taking a leap and start venturing out on our own, the voices of society chime in louder: like 'hey, don't forget that I'm judging you and there's money and responsibility and security to worry about - you can't go pursue your passion and have all of these things too, that is selfish.' 

we learn at an early age that success comes from having a full bank account or else what the hell are we doing? trust me, I see am confronted with that question a lot. the - how will you retire and go on vacation and have a family if you don’t have a steady job and 401K now?

ah ha, well all of these stories are not necessary. I have chosen my own way and you can too.

life fact: you are the master creator of your paradise.

So, what would it take for you to believe in your own process? to believe that you deserve to do the things that make you feel light in your body and full in your heart...that you deserve to create your own path and leave behind the footprints of your legacy...maybe it still comes through a career, but it arrives from a stirring deep within.

try this:

take off your shoes and ground the soles of your feet into the earth.

feel the peace, serenity, and stillness emanating from your inner world.

welcome yourself home.

listen to the voices that speak from within.

give yourself permission to trust you.

what you would be doing right now if you already had everything you needed?

trust that you do not have to wait until to have that life now.

trust that whatever is calling you forward is not already being done.

it is your soul’s unique purpose to follow this path.

you are exactly where you are meant to be.

you are needed.

it is not too late.

not today or tomorrow.


twirl under the stars to no music.

drive a new route home.

take a trip to a foreign land.

move less or move more.

let your soles be your guide.


practice breaking free from the rules,

so you can go create your own.


happy wandering


cupid's golden arrow, and the history of love

valentine's day is ahead...

and every year the cute cards and sweetheart candies, chocolates, love letters, and roses bring about a renewed awareness of love. each February we are confronted again by our existent or non-existent relationship status, the strength of our practice of self love, and loads of expectation. a tradition that nearly fosters the opposite of love - lack. we feel alone, unlovable, undisciplined, unconfident to make the first move. 

and with all of the pressure comes doubt. and with doubt comes a heck of a lot of questions.

in my conversations this time of year, I hear a common concern. questions of: how to love, who to love, what to love, am I getting enough love? should I give a gift, or withhold in case he doesn't?

and yet again, the brilliant truth is that the only answer to any of these questions has to come from within.

BUT what if love is an infinite flow of energy that is always present? a universal consciousness. 

yeah? ok good. because it is. 

now that we have agreed on this awareness, we can take action: you ready?

starting today, I invite you to give yourself permission to be in the flow of love without controlling it.

what do I mean by that, you say?

well, we spend so much time protecting our hearts that we physically and energetically stop the flow of love, to us and from us. in order to keep love present, we have to continuously give and receive. we have to let go of the tit for tat kind of love and allow for the circulation of love. 

so - if you want love, learn to give love. 

even if it's first, before you know it's safe.

remember cupid? the guy with the magical golden arrows? he could make anyone fall in love with the shot of an arrow. he set a clear intention (love), directed his energy at a target, and sent it out into the universe. personally, I think he's a genius. he knew that when the act of giving love is joyful and unconditional from the heart, it will flourish. when we choose to raise our vibrations of love, and send that high frequency of energy out, we not only elevate our Being, but effortlessly open the doors to a higher state of receiving. 

so yes, love and valentine's can have a material expression. I love treats and romantic getaways, don't get me wrong. but what we have available to us in any moment is a universal love consciousness. an infinite flow.

significant other or best friend, gifts or quality time, chocolate or sweetheart, it's your choice to show up AS LOVE OR AGAINST IT. 


happy sunday, cupids.


Carianna HebertComment
hushing happiness, the subdued voice of bliss

every day I converse with people about their relationship to happiness.

I assume you do too. 

we talk about what we want, what's missing, share stories and experiences, make decisions about what to do, wear, and eat, complain about the weather, compliment each other, blame each other, want things, let go of things - all connected to this desire to feel good.

it's a hot topic, the pursuit of happiness.

and the funny thing is, we all act like we don't know where to find it. 

so here we are on a rainy sunday afternoon, writing, drawing, wearing pjs, drinking coffee - just doing the simple things that bring us joy. it's a great day, I am deep in the work flow this week and loving life. but if someone asked me 'hey, how are you doing' it might not seem like that is so. or even close. 

you see, I sometimes do this thing, and I am starting to see it in common conversation more and more. as soon as I start to say out loud that, yes, I am happy, I am really great, I feel like I have never had so much success in my life, my creativity is on fire, I have stories and wisdom to share with others, people fully support me, I get paid to do what I love - I start to shove it all back down my throat.

it's like the voldemort of emotions - happiness, she who shall not be named. 

if someone asks you how you are doing, what is your response? I typically hear some variation of ‘I’m good...but' or ‘I’m fine?’ in a voice that trails off into uncertainty or doubt. there may even be a complaint or two about what could be going better. some of us respond from the 'my life is messy AF' inner gremlin because that is more relatable than some crazy person who claims they have it all together. right?

it has become more comfortable for us to mute our happiness than to speak our truth.

and it is this hushed happiness that has us shying away from even allowing joy in our lives. we downplay what is going well because happiness is power, and power is scary to others. 'don't be a threat,' the mind says, but every time we downplay our joy, we confuse the signals in our brain. our neurons are smiling, but our mouth short circuits them. burying our happiness is numbing our senses and keeping us small. it allows us to stay in pursuit and unfulfilled, but who wants to play that game anymore?

not me.

are you happy? say so. whenever you feel it. as often as you can.

weekly mantra: admit to your contentment so it can grow


the power of visualization, in dream acquisition

Bali was a perfect dream come true. and yes, I intentionally say perfect. 

the people, food, design, coconuts, rain + sun, sand, lush colors, and magical healing powers of the land, all had me in a constant state of “pinch me” - this is real life and I created it.

however, the path to my personal paradise did not open up for me immediately. 

and it confronted a lot of my worries, struggles, and fears. 

it wasn’t until nearly two years after the seeds of desire were initially planted, that I found myself wandering through the streets of Ubud and playing in the swell of the Indian Ocean. a lot longer than my immediate wants craved. 

the story:

flashback to early 2016: I saw a link to the a Bali yoga retreat on my dearest friend’s website, and something inside me was sparked. I reached out to her almost immediately and was excited to learn more.

however, at that point, my reaching out was the extent of my willingness to explore. once we started talking, I could feel the embarrassment and fear take over. why did I even think this would be possible? I had recently quit my full time job and invested my savings in a yoga teacher training. no one was going to gift me the money, and the paralysis of lack took over. I definitely did not have enough to make my dreams come true. and that hard stop was super painful. I had intentionally chosen my life path and was relatively happy, but boy was I bound by some big time fears. 

fast forward to a year ago, I watched the Bali retreat ‘16 happen before my eyes (via trusty social media) and something within me started to shift. Of course FOMO, but also some part of me felt as if I belonged. Something inside me kept calling me to watch, to believe that I could have this adventure too. I couldn't turn it away. I vicariously felt the feelings of freedom, vitality, joy, connection, and passion. I began to envision myself fully in Bali - on the back of a scooter, under the palm trees, surrounded by like minded people. I was photographing the most beautiful things.

I had no doubts that would one day, it would be me.

and then things got spooky.

at the end of the retreat, my boo Jax announced the dates of her next Bali retreat. Yes! partly surprised (but also mostly not) that this opportunity would come up again. I hadn’t manifested any more money, but for some reason it was not on my mind this time around.

I reached out immediately again, expressing my excitement, and to my surprise (but again, sort of not really) she wrote right back. said she had an opportunity in mind for me on her next retreat!

*to photograph and document the Bali trip in exchange for a portion of my trip costs*

what in the actual #($)%)*?

time froze. I screenshot the message, and feel my heart rate increase to 1000 heartbeats per second. what. the. heck. I thought to myself - did I put some sort of spell on her? how in the world did she feel equally invested in my adventure to Bali as I did?

I did a little bit of automatic panic, but said yes in all the ways. I had already said yes in my heart. no plan, just Yes.

this was my first experience with my own super powers. and I believe a huge part of the dream grew with visualization. to see it, feel the desired feelings fully, and believe it. it shifted something inside me and beyond me. and that is something we all are capable of - to be creators, unbound by rules, fears, expectations, and certainly not money.

so with the start of the new year, I start a new dream. and I know what it looks and feels like to achieve it. 

maybe that is all I need. 


cliff-notes: see the value in something, see the price tag, freak out, and say Yes anyways. the How becomes more clear once you see the end result as already on its way.

Carianna Hebert
soooo, do you only take yoga photos?

I've had a lot of people ask me lately: 

  1. What exactly are you doing with your life? (ya, I know I get it) 
  2. Can you take photos of my _____

the answers are:

I'm sort of figuring it out, but it involves mindfulness, manifesting dreams, travel, and capturing all of that goodness. 

and yes, I can take photos of your babies, birthday parties, engagements, puppies, headshots, home, business, brand etc.

BUT I want it to be creative.

you see, I take Instagram very seriously. not because of the likes or hashtags or the success (or not) of my following, but because it represents the truth about who I am. every image and every word comes straight from the thumping organ inside my chest. and when someone looks at my photos, I want them to be able to understand me. to know that I am a real, LIVING human, inspired by REAL things that make my heart beat and my eyes sing. and those things are everywhere. so yes, there are photos of my pup and avocado toast and yoga pants. but there are also photos of places and people who inspire me because of their willingness to be authentic (and therefore beautiful) and I believe that should be celebrated and shown off to the world. 

basically, I would love help create + capture images that represent who you really are too. it takes discovery and practice, but once it starts to unravel, beautiful things show up and stay. you may notice patterns, things that you like or don't like, but we just focus on growing the good. 

in a sense, you become your own brand, your own spirit animal, you are that inspired + inspiring.

so yes, please call me when it's Christmas and let me design your holiday cards so we can get tangled up in white lights + flannel shirts and laugh. or, if you have a business in need of content that aligns or realigns with your brand, I'm here. weddings - not so much, too many rules, but I know a ton of talented people in the industry! 

if you're interested in connecting soon, let's do it before summer ends. 

it's time to celebrate our magic!


ps: you can check out more of my recent work in the photography section of the website! 

Carianna HebertComment
namaste in costa rica, por favor


Have you ever meditated to the sounds of the jungle? Yes, there is a playlist on Spotify, but I’m talking the actual experience - closing your eyes to the quiet music of the sun rising, wildlife waking, and water dripping from trees, to breathe in salty air, to awaken to a vibrantly green vision of peace in the presence of monkeys climbing branches beside you. 


Waking up with the sun is a treat in Costa Rica. It is 5:45am and the howler monkeys above serve as my alarm. I am so excited to teach my first yoga class abroad in the same country that I promised myself three and a half years ago that I would one day become a yoga teacher. It feels like a miracle moment in my journey.


The sunshine is warm from the moment it begins to peek through the trees. I walk down the hidden path to the yoga studio at Cala Luna Luxury Hotel, an open air space with a thatched roof and fans with a beautiful view of nature. It is perfect. I roll out my yoga mat and settle into the space an hour before the rest of the group will arrive. Sitting tall, I close my eyes and begin to breathe. I feel my body start to soften and my mind focus on capturing the warmth of this moment. I feel immediately connected to this space. I notice my heartbeat, the sensation of my existence, a body of freely floating magical particles. 


When I open my eyes, I am instantly taken aback by the beauty of this land. Stripping away all of the distractions of the day-to-day hustle, the fears of not being enough or having enough, I reconnect with my true self and the universe. I see things with clarity and feel so much gratitude; I hope that my students will share this same experience. In the hour that I spend to myself, absorbing as much light as I can, I am comforted by the healing power of nature.



photography @hannahbjorndal