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yoga reminds us of who we are Being in the world,

to see our movement, responses, and beliefs in a new light.



want to discover the infinite power and possibility that lies within you? meditate. want to create space in your life for inner peace, purpose, and wellbeing? move. connect with your body as a gateway to the mind and beyond.

welcome to meditate + move, an evolving practice of mindful awareness and movement that promotes synchronicity in your mind, body and soul.

experience your divine existence and empower your intuition to be your guide.


HOME x guided meditation

return home to your body and ground down into your roots. breath in and connect to safety, warmth and trust.

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PURPOSE x guided meditation

cleanse your mind and reconnect to your passion and true life’s purpose. allow your mind to soften into visions of the life of your dreams.

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WORKSHOPS + events

The Art of Mindfulness / Winter Yin Yoga + Meditation

imagine what we could learn from our bodies if we just stopped moving - stopped rushing, producing, managing, and controlling.

stopped running away from experiencing what is going on inside and just surrendered.

this is the art of mindfulness. noticing what is so without needing to react, fix or control.

join me on Sunday, January 20th at The Space CLT from 10am-12pm for a two hour meditative yin yoga practice designed to harmonize your body with the energy of winter - the season of Yin - where the energy of the earth becomes dark, cold, introspective, and slow.

according to traditional chinese medicine, as we align our bodies with the spirit of winter, we promote greater health and eliminate risk of disease. this yin sequence will target various connective tissues, organs, and ligaments associated with the winter season. we will be holding a series of grounding yoga poses for 3-5 minutes each in order to release tension, energetic blockages, and bring lubrication and length back into the joints/muscles.

*this practice is suitable for all bodies and levels! class will include a 20 minute guided meditation and provide an understanding of how our bodies can mirror nature and the seasons.

with this awareness, we might choose to change our habits as the seasons change so that we may create more balance between our bodies and the external environment: more self-reflection, relaxation, meditation, and soul-nourishing activities.

join me in welcoming winter!

investment $35

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community classes

meditate and move @ FREE PEOPLE: create the vision for the next year of your life

JANUARY 13th @FREEPEOPLE / 10-11:30 with Viva Raw

enjoy a forty minute slow, graceful yoga flow followed by guided meditation and new year vision board design. bring your own yoga mat, journal or poster board.

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kombucha + yoga @ lenny boy brewing

upcoming classes:

January 12, 2019 at 10am


yoga at your doorstep. 

private lessons. group meditations. corporate events. for beginners & more

private classes available in five or ten class packages

*prices vary per number of participants ($60-150/class)


wedding day yoga for the bride + her maids. 

slow down. reconnect. breathe in your joy. savor the best day. 

*prices range from $200-$350