release, reset, and really get what you need for the best year ahead

another year is rapidly coming to a close! cue time flies, omg, I can’t believe it!

me too! and my bet would be that you have some thoughts, feelings or maybe emotions about all that did or did not get completed in the past 340+ days.

it’s all good either way! and there is still somewhere to go from here whether you accomplished everything you wanted - truly amazing, or maybe you still see a lot of room for growth. awesome! the real opportunity here is to take a look at what you have learned, release burdensome energy, and start anew in 2019 with vision, purpose, power, and clarity.

I was thinking of you all when I decided to go through with creating this offering (as suggested by a fabulous coach of mine, thanks for seeing my power and capacity to expand!)

what I’ve got for you is actually a new and powerful 90 minute conversation curated to support you mentally, emotionally, and physically through this time of transition - wherever you are at in your life and wherever you want to be a year from now.

Let Go, and Be You is about taking the time to truly release the thoughts, patterns, and clutter that is no longer serving you. to let go of any self-imposed limitations and become fearlessly, goddessly you. to acknowledge your wins! to recreate or revive your vision for 2019 and beyond. to look at what is missing, what is currently needing some extra love, and to create action steps that move your towards your goals and dreams. by allowing yourself this gift of having your wants + needs met, you powerfully impact your future.

all in just 90 minutes of your time!

p.s. - this is also a great way to access the benefits of coaching without having to sign an extended contract. an amazing way to take care of your wellbeing. and an opportunity to be seen and heard for all of the divine goodness that you are!

please share with anyone who would love this for xmas!

*offer good through 1.7.19*


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90 Minute Session

all session to be held via Skype/Zoom!

coffee, tea, or hot cocoa encouraged