The Art of Mindfulness / Spring Yin Yoga + Meditation

The Art of Mindfulness / Spring Yin Yoga + Meditation


imagine what we could learn from our bodies if we just stopped moving - stopped running, twisting, and turning.

stopped doing,

and just surrendered to being still.

just allowed.

this is the art of mindfulness: noticing what we are experiencing without needing to react, fix, manage, or control. this is self-love and inner peace.

join me on Sunday, March 24th at The Space CLT from 10am-12pm for a two hour meditative yin yoga practice designed to harmonize your body with the renewal of spring. according to traditional chinese medicine, as we align our bodies with the spirit of spring, we promote greater physical health and eliminate risk of disease. this yin sequence will target various connective tissues, organs, and ligaments associated with the detoxifying nature of spring season.

*this practice is suitable for all bodies and levels! class will conclude with a 20 minute guided meditation and provide an understanding of how we can maximize our energy by aligning our bodies with nature. each yin yoga pose will be held for 3-5 minutes in service of releasing tension, energetic blockages, and bring lubrication and length back into the joints/muscles.

just as the seasons change, we too evolve in phases. join me in welcoming the radiance of spring and celebrating new beginnings!

investment $35

what people are saying about the art of mindfulness series:

this class is like a full body massage!

I was able to truly relax

all tension left my body and I felt so good!

this class is amazing! everything I needed and more - mind, body & spirit

taking time for yourself is something that you will not regret

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class will be held at THE SPACE CLT

933 Louise Ave. Charlotte, NC

Spring Yin: Sunday March 24th 10am-12