the movement

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yoga reminds us of who we are Being in the world,

to see our movement, responses, and beliefs in a new light.

yoga, THE BODY:

our wellbeing lies at the foundation of our success.

and we must take care of our foundation in order to build a beautiful life on top.

in my life, yoga and meditation have provided me with the space to get clear. to notice where I am out of alignment and come back home to me. it is my time to eliminate distractions, comparisons, worries, stress, and doubts so that I am able to authentically breathe, visualize, and dream.

whatever your intention is - flexibility, clarity, growth, strength, self-love, healing - this practice allows us access to our true selves. through movement and stillness, strength and ease, yoga creates a unified mind, body, and soul experience.

a gift that has the potential to impact your present and your future in a monumental way. 

want to discover the power and possibility that lies within you?


yoga at your doorstep. 

private lessons. meditations. corporate events. for beginners & more

private classes available in five or ten class packages

*prices vary per number of participants ($60-150/class)


wedding day yoga for the bride + her maids. 

slow down. reconnect. breathe in your joy. savor the best day. 

*prices range from $200-$350


community classes + events

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meditate and move @ FREE PEOPLE 

upcoming dates:

AUGUST 19th at 10am with Nekter Juice Bar

flow fest @ u.s. white water center

Meditate and Move Flow - September 22nd at 4pm